How to Pick the Right Leash for Your Puppy

How to Pick the Right Leash for Your Puppy

Whether you’re a first-time pet owner or a veteran pet parent, getting a puppy can sometimes be overwhelming. You may continuously be wondering and hoping you’re doing everything right to ensure they become a happy and healthy adult dog someday. One question you may be pondering is what kind of leash you should be getting your pooch.

When to Use a Harness & When to Use a Collar

You have to train a dog to walk on a leash properly. It’s usually not something they just know how to do. When training a puppy how to do this, a collar is not usually recommended. The first few weeks of walks with your new pup can be intimidating for them. If your furry friend gets frightened and pulls back on their collar, they could manage to slip right out. Also, if your canine is pulling in every which direction, a collar can end up hurting their neck. And that could possibly cause long term damage down the road.

Using a harness, at least until your puppy can properly walk on a leash, will help prevent many of these issues. You don’t want to leave it on all day, though. Once your walk is over, be sure to take your four-legged friend’s harness off to prevent causing them any discomfort. You also want your canine to start associating their harness with positivity. So they know that when you pull it out, an adventurous walk is about to ensue.

As your furry friend grows, you may find that you prefer using a harness over a collar. This is completely fine. There are a variety of harnesses of all sizes that will adjust to your pup’s growth into adulthood.

If you do end up siding with a harness, remember that a collar is still essential for identity purposes. With your name and contact information attached, it’ll be much easier to reunite with your pup if they ever happen to run away.

Sizes & Styles of Leashes

Now that you’ve decided on a harness or collar, you can start the process of picking out the best leash for Fido. When it comes to size, a good rule to stick by is the bigger the pooch the thicker the leash. Once you’ve settled on an appropriate size, picking out the style of your puppy’s leash will be next.

  • If you’re just starting out training with your little furball, it’s recommended that you use a short leash, also known as a lead.
  • For owners who are treat training their pup’s, a pocket leash is also a strong option as it’s designed to hold doggy bags and treats.
  • If you have a larger pup, you’ll need a bit more pull power that a thick braided leash can offer you.
  • For the furball that pulls and pulls, a leash that stretches may be a perfect option.

What About Retractable Leashes?

If your pup is well trained to where they’re not pulling you in everywhere, a retractable leash may be appropriate. With a retractable leash, your furball will have plenty of room to roam and explore.

Though, it’s important to remember that retractable leashes don’t teach dogs to stay close to their owners. Which won’t help them walk on a leash properly. You can only trust a well-trained dog with this kind of leash.

Glow in the Dark Leashes

If you’re an early riser or a late nighter, you may want to consider a glow in the dark leash. With one of these leashes, you can rest a bit easier knowing that in the dark when cars drive by they’ll be able to see you and Fido.

Even if your normal routine doesn’t consist of you walking your pooch when the sun isn’t up, having a reflective leash handy just in case, is recommended.

Who knew buying your puppy’s leash would require so much decision making? Even though there is a lot of thought that needs to go into purchasing your pup’s leash – if you follow these guidelines you and your mini canine companion should be fine.

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