Games to Play with Your New Puppy

Games to Play with Your New Puppy

Playing games with your new puppy is an excellent way to tire them out while also building on their skill set (mentally & physically). Here are some of our favorite puppy games you can try out with your little furball.


The classic game of fetch is always fun to play with your pup. But you’ll need to make it a bit easier for your new furry friend, at least at first. You’ll want to start with a toy that is small and soft enough for your tiny little Fido to pick up and carry on their own. Start by throwing the toy only a short distance. You might have to walk alongside your pooch the first few times so that they can learn that they’re supposed to go run after the toy. Once your four-legged friend has received the toy, be sure to provide them with an abundance of encouragement to come back to you – and when they successfully do, be sure to reward them with treats.

Sprinkler Fun

Playing with your pooch in the sprinkler is an excellent way to introduce them to water. This can help in the future by making bath time less intimidating. Once you turn on the sprinkler, help your pooch acclimate to splashing and chasing toys through the water’s sprays. Eventually, you might even want to consider introducing your four-legged friend to a kiddy pool. But be sure you only start out with a couple of inches of water, so you don’t overwhelm them.

As your furball starts to understand that water is positive and fun, then you can try to introduce them to deeper water so that they can eventually become accustomed to bathing and even swimming.

The Name Game

The Name Game is a great game you can play with friends or family. Have everyone sit in a circle with your pupster in the middle. Then, say the name of a person in the circle and have that person call to your puppy as well. When your puppy approaches the correct person, reward them with a treat. After a while, you’ll be able to just say the name of a person without them having to call out to your pooch as well. However, keep in mind this will take some time and practice. But eventually, your pooch will start to learn the names of everyone in the group. You can also play this game with toys, teaching your pooch to associate certain toys with names. Both versions of this game can be an excellent mental exercise for your canine.


Now is a better time than any to teach your new furry friend what is and isn’t okay to chew. With their teeth coming in, your pup is going to feel the need to chew, and offering them chewies and playing games of tug-of-war with their toys will help teach them what they’re allowed to chew. However, it’s vital to note that you should only play tug-of-war with your pooch’s toys. If you start using a sock or other objects that aren’t their toys, it might confuse them about what is and isn’t okay to play with.

Tug-of-war is also a great game that can help you teach your new canine the command drop it. And every time they successfully do so, reward them with a treat.

All of these games are great ways to stimulate your new pooch mentally and physically – helping your furry friend grow into a happy, healthy adult dog.

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