Choosing a Bowl for Your Dog

Choosing the Right Dog Bowl

When you think of your dog’s food bowl you probably don’t give it much thought. But you should, because there are a variety of different dog bowls out there that offer many different features that fit you and your dog’s needs. Whether it be eating habits, travel, or styles we’ve collected a list of the many different dog bowls you can choose from and what benefits they can offer.

Plastic, Ceramic, or a Stainless Steel Dog Bowl?

If you’re looking for a bowl that is inexpensive and won’t break if dropped then you’ll most likely come across Plastic bowels. They may be inexpensive but your dog is more likely to chew on them, leaving places for bacteria to grow causing problems down the road. Some dogs even develop an allergy to the plastic causing rashes and discomfort. Ceramic Bowls are best for the owner that wants to be stylish. These bowls are glazed and unique in color and design. But you have to be careful because they can chip and crack and will easily break if dropped. Stainless Steel bowls tend to be the most durable and they’re dishwasher safe. They often have a rubber rim at the bottom to prevent sliding and spilling. But if left outside or uncleaned they can rust and stain. So no matter what material you choose make sure to regularly inspect it to ensure your dog is eating out of a clean and safe container.

Elevated Dog Bowls

Some experts believe that elevated dog bowls are actually healthier for your pup because they could prevent issues like gastrointestinal problems and be more comfortable for dogs of larger scale. They tend to be a bit more pricey but many agree they are worth the price in the long run for your dog’s health.

Automatic Feeding Bowls

Automatic dog bowls are often plastic and have a removable container attached to fill with food or water. As long as the container attached is full the bowl underneath will continue to deposit what it’s storing. You can find more high tech automatic feeding bowls that will only refill the bowl when you program it to. When it comes to water, automatic bowls are great for keeping your pup hydrated, but with food, it can cause over-eating and weight problems so it’s better to just feed them in person if possible.

Dog Bowls for Travel

You can use travel dog bowls for numerous occasions, including long car rides, vacations, or just trips to the park. You will usually find them made of fabric similar to polyester and can be folded and stored for easy travel. They don’t tend to be very pricey and come in handy if you’re someone who finds yourself traveling with your dog often.

Slow Feeding Dog Bowls

A problem with many dogs is that they gobble up their food too fast. In some canine, this can cause indigestion, excess gas, and vomiting. Some professionals are even concerned that it may cause GDV. Made with ridges and obstacle structures, slow dog bowls make your dog take their time when eating to get around them.

Going to the pet store to get a dog bowl can be overwhelming with all the choices. But if you do your research and disocver what you and your dog’s needs are, you’ll find the perfect bowl for them in no time!

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