Crafts You Can Do with Your Dog

Crafts You Can Do With Your Dog

Spending quality time with your canine is a great way to bond. So, read below for some fun and creative crafts you can do with your dog!

Pawprint Paperweight

Paw Print Ornament

A pawprint paperweight is super fun and an easy craft for a great keepsake. There are a variety of clay kits available to create this craft. However, ensure that the kit you choose is non-toxic and pet-friendly! Shape the clay into a round disk and press your companion’s paw firmly into the clay to get a clear print. Next, wash your canine’s paw to remove any clay residue. Then, follow the instructions on your clay kit for curing and baking temperatures and times.

Furthermore, this craft doesn’t have to be a paperweight! You can make it into an ornament or a larger one to be a garden stone. Plus, you can paint and decorate your final project once the clay is baked, dried, and hardened.

Pawprint Wall Art

Paw Print Wall Art

For this project, you will need non-toxic paint or ink. Then, paint your chosen medium onto your pup’s paws and press them onto a canvas or art board. You can create many designs with your canine’s paw print; the possibilities are endless! Some examples include a floral bouquet, a tree, or a heart. Additionally, some seasonal designs include a pumpkin, a wreath, a snowflake, a snowman, or a turkey! You have creative control over this project, so have some fun with it! Just clean up your pup’s paws, so your home doesn’t become Fido’s new canvas.

Lick Art

Lick Art

Lick art is a fantastic way to involve your canine creatively. Plus, they get a tasty treat in the process! Put a few drops of paint directly onto a blank canvas to create this masterpiece. Then, place the canvas in a sealable plastic bag to ensure no paint spills out. Lastly, place a few dollops of peanut butter on top of the bag. Then, as your pup licks its special treat off the bag, it will move the paint around the canvas and create a fantastic piece of art. Once your dog licks, remove the canvas from the bag and allow it to dry before displaying. You can also use painter’s tape to create a stencil on your canvas in the shape of a heart, initial, or anything else you can think of!

Try some of the ideas above to create fun and unique crafts with your furry friend!

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